Landfill Gas (LFG)

Landfill Gas (LFG)

LFG is a gas which can be obtain from solid waste landfill area. As a result of collecting organic materials' decomposition, gas can turn into energy. The gas which is obtained, contain more than %50 methane gases. Because of harmful affects to environment, methane gases gain more importance. The most significant greenhouse gas which change the CO2 balance at atmosphere is CH4 called methane. Comparing methane with other equivalent gas it is calculated that methane has more than 21 times impact on atmosphere. Landfill area is responsible for more than %25 of whole methane emissions in the world. Landfill continues to produce gas for 20 to 30 years after they are covered.

Following stages will occur while producing energy from waste gas.

Collection of waste gas

Collecting gas with gas collection shafts, wells and pipelines.

Gas recovery

In this stage water and dust will be removed so clean and dry gases occur.

Burning waste gas with machine-generator groups' electricity will be obtained.

Gas which contains methane more than %50 is not used as a direct energy source it is transformed electricity by motor-generators.

Transfer the electricity to the electric power line

Connection grid with elevator transformer and power line.

Taking advantage of waste heat.

The heat set in process will be used with kojenerator as heater or coolant in domestic use and operating.

Biogas projects which will be applied in landfill area is reduced methane emmissions and usage of fossil fuels because of electricity.

Carbon credit can be earned not only to reduce carbon emissions and also to recover energy from waste that we sent to landfill.

Our experienced engineers in obtaining energy from landfill area servicing the things below
Analyzing the landfill area
To determine feasibility report
To determine the Project
Finding financer
Getting the energy license
Construction and operating