Water and Potable Water Treatment

Water and Potable Water Treatment

Enbiocon set up systems which provides today's high standards in process and domestic usage.

In plant design classic methods are disqualified and all undesired minerals in water can be filtrated by filtration modules which consist of hollow fiber membrane is also known as reverse osmosis.

We successfully provide sterilized water by removal of following substances to the level of 0.02 micron with filtration membrane.

Suspended solids
Iron and magnesium

Membranes can work high flow rates without problems.
The main advantages of membrane system;

Long term hollow fiber membrane
Can be easily operated
Special air washing and cleaning technique
High efficiency, low waste
Excellent compatible with chlorine and other chemicals
Low operating cost
Compact system and easy set up
Providing U.S.A and E.U. treatment efficiency standards
ISO 9001 certified in manufacturing and installation