We are standing by you with our experienced and expert engineers. We are supporting you in producing compost with equipment and "Know How". We provide permanent high level compost product with positive and negative aeration and if it is necessary microorganism support further accelerated process.

We use compost materials such as every kind of herb and organic waste, garden waste, every kind of forest vegetation waste (branch, leafage, shell), turf, tea, cotton, conserve, sugar factory and breweries' organic wastes, timber, workshop and organic wastes of factory (ex. Shavings), hay, slaughterhouse's wastes etc. in our process.

Composting is a process that organic materials are decomposed and reconfigured by microorganisms in appropriate temperature and moisture. With composting your wastes can be turned into a valuable product which contains organic and natural landed materials used in agriculture as fertilizer.

Advantages of compost's

It increase the space volume in soil

Soil can be aerated easily.

It makes soil more prosessable.

Improving the adsorption of soil in dry seasons it prevents the salinity.

It has a buffer against affection to high rate of mineral fertilization.

Plants can be allowed better usage of nutrients.

In our compost process we are able to produce high quality fertilizer with additions of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. In agricultural area the manure which we are obtained is more useful than the other artificial fertilizers. In addition to this the reason why it removes the artificial taste in agricultural products it contains natural quantity of raw materials.