Biogas is a product that originated from every kind of organic material especially from animal manure and agricultural silage that formed under anaerobic condition and contains approximately %50-70 methane and %30-50 carbon dioxide. It is an energy source that has high thermal capacity. Also after fermentation, organic manure can be used as a fertilizer.


The most important aim is to produce methane and sell it as an energy source to generate electricity.

The final product of fermentation is an organic manure.

Providing less irritating odors is achieved from fermentation of organic materials.

Additionally one of the other effects is flowability of the liquid manure which helps you to feritilize area.

The gas which is burned at CHP plants can be also used as thermal source.

It is important to reduce CO2 emission to aour environment and because of the it is possible to get extra income from carbon market.

Animal waste

Plant waste

Industrial waste

Cow manure

Corn silage

Sludge cake

Poultry waste

Hay, grass and herbal silage

Slaughter wastes


Whole crop silage

Forest industry wastes


Greenhouse silage

Domestic solid wastes

By using the German technology we are able to build every kind of organic waste treatment plant. We are capable to build biogas plants with using mainly animal, vegetative and industrial waste that is listed below.



Services that are given during building plants;

Main assessment

Analyzing the local conditions
Determination of variety and quantity of raw materials
Determination of additional materials
Determination of feasible technology
Estimation the product of gas and electricity
Determination of carbon market income


Financial analysis

Determination of investment cost
Analysis of investment return and profitability

Preliminary design

Possibile connection between electricity production and main network
Sketch design
The area that will be covered by plant
To determine capacity of raw products and gas tanks
Determination of the equipment
To determine the plant cost

Design and turnkey Project

Preparation of Project
Construction and mechanical assembly of plants
Consulting in energy trading license
Operating the plant
Monitoring and optimization of plant
Evaluation of exhaust and noise emissions
Training the operators of plant